Padel, as one of the most dynamically growing sports worldwide is played in over 50 countries around the world by 15 million people. Its success lies in its simplicity, ability to learn the game and have a great match in just under an hour. It also combines the best attributes of other sports – tennis and squash taking the most popular elements from each. Padel is great fun for all generations, and is a perfect cardio workout.


Padel was invented by a Mexican gentleman called Enrique Corcuera in 1969 in his house in Acapulco, after he tried to fit a tennis court into his back yard but could not. He then went on to use walls and side railings to surround the court and invented a different racket to use. He named the sport ‘Paddle Corcuera’ and the rest is history!


Padel rackets are made of a light composite material and is much easier to control than a larger headed stringed tennis racket. You may find several different rackets based on your skill level at the shop in our club. The average game lasts 90 minutes with lighter rackets and softer balls.


The main difference compared to a tennis court is that the padel court is surrounded by a fence and the area is roughly half a tennis court in size. In padel using the back glass wall is important, just like in squash, and is one of the key aspects of the game.


Padel is a game or couples and pairs and tennis rules and regulations apply. Therefore, padel is a far less physically consuming sport in which it is easier to reach a good level of play. There is no difficult serve in padel – the underarm serve is mainly used for starting the rally.